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Mct/ROB/200 Robotics

Robotics is the intelligent connection of perception (thinking about sensing) to planning (thinking about actions). It is the engineering science and technology of robots that involve the design, manufacture, control, and programming of robots; the use of robots to solve problems; the study of the control processes, sensors, and algorithms used in humans, animals, and machine; and the application of these control processes and algorithms to the design of robots. This course covers the foundations of robotics addressing different topics including robot morphology, actuation systems, sensors, forward, inverse and differential kinematics, trajectory planning, motion control, interfacing and programming. In addition, special topics will be introduced such as computational intelligence and visual servoing. The course mini-projects provide a hands-on introduction to robotics. This is a lecture- self study-project-paper course in which topics are presented by the instructor and self-study, a course mini-project, paper critique and survey paper are completed by students.

Course Instructor: Dr. Alaa Khamis
Email: alaakhamis[at]gmail[dot]com
Office hours: TBD

Course TAs:
Eng. Omar Mahmoud Mohamed
Office: TBD
Office Hours: TBD

- Saeed Benjamin Niku. Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Control, Applications. 2nd Edition, Wiley, 2010.
- B. Siciliano and O. Khatib. Springer Handbook of Robotics. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008.
- Phillip McKerrow. Introduction to Robotics. Addison-Wesley, 1991.
- Mark Lee. Intelligent Robotics. Halsted Press and Open University Press, 1989.
Lectures will be based mainly, but not exclusively, on material in these textbooks. Lectures will not follow the same sequence as the material presented in the texts.