Robots I worked with: Merlin, TOM, B21, Magellan Pro, Atrv, Maggie, CRS, PeopleBot, Khepera, SANet


A: Robot Reports
  1. Robot Statistics and Market Penetration
  2. Unmanned Vehicles: Types and Applications
B: Literature Survey Paper
  • Students will pick a robotics problem that interests them.
  • The students will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of authors of a conference or a journal survey paper.
  • They are supposed to search the literature for approaches to tackle this problem.
  • Then they survey and discuss the relative strengths of each approach.
  • The paper will be 4-6 pages. Student must comply strictly with the formatting instructions using the IEEE template, which can be downloaded from here.
C: Paper Critics
  • The students must pick one of a highly cited paper related to robotics (at least 200 citation as per Google Scholar).
  • The students will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of a reviewer for a conference or journal.
  • They should give constructive feedback to the authors.
  • They will mention also the good and weak aspects of the paper.
  • For every criticism, students will make a suggestion to improve the paper.
  • Paper Critics form must be used.