Robots I worked with: Merlin, TOM, B21, Magellan Pro, Atrv, Maggie, CRS, PeopleBot, Khepera, SANet


Projects can be done individually but preferably in group of maximum 2 students. Students will be requested to select one of the following project types:

Type A: System Design and Implementation
  • Students identify a problem in a pertinent area of academic, industrial or commercial importance for which there are no available system with reasonable cost and capabilities. This system must contain a combination of mechanical, electronic, computer and control components integrated together in order to solve the problem at hand.
  • Design and develop a new robotic system to solve this problem.
  • Analyze experimentally the performance of the developed system.
Type B: Empirical Evaluation
  • In this type of projects, student will pick a robotics problem that interests him/her.
  • Student is supposed to search the literature for approaches to tackle this problem, identifies strong and weak points of each approach and selects the most appropriate appraoch.
  • He/she must implement and experiment with the selected technique to quantitatively evaluate its performance in tackling the problem.
Type C: Algorithm Design
  • Student identifies a problem for which there are no satisfying approaches.
  • Develop a new technique to tackle this problem.
  • Analyze theoretically and/or empirically the performance of his/her technique.

 Project Delivery:

The result of the course project will be a scientific paper (minimum 5 pages) along with part of the source code developed to solve a given problem. IEEE Manuscript Template must be used.