18 May 23 Final Exam:
• Final exam will be comprehensive exam. Theoretical questions will be in form of MCQs and TRUE/FALSE, complete, etc.
• Material covered before the midterm will have weight of about 30%.
• Numerical problems about graphically optimization [NOT INCLUDED]
• Numerical problems about Graph Search Algorithms [NOT INCLUDED]
• A problem about each of the studied metaheuristics algorithms [TS, SA, GA, PSO and ACO] will be included.
• For these problems, you will be asked to generate an initial solution, define a suitable algorithm operators/parameters and perform one or 2 iterations of the algorithm.
• Please try to organize your answer especially when you perform iterations.
• Reading Materials [NOT INCLUDED]
• Pseudo-codes [NOT INCLUDED]
• Programming Exercises [NOT INCLUDED]
• L11: Case Study-5: Multirobot Control [NOT INCLUDED]
• No formula sheets will be included in the final exam booklet.
• Study all the course materials very carefully including lectures, tutorials and projects.
Good Luck!
17 May 9 Important: Project Submission and Presentation will take place on Wednesday May 15, 2013 starting from 10:00AM in B2.202.
- Project Presentations rules are available here.
- A hard-copy of the project report must be handed-over before the presentation.
- Moreover in order to complete evaluating the project, project CD must be handed-over as well.
- This CD must contain ALL materials related to the project (Complete documentation report according to the course policy mentioned here + a well documented source code and executable code with UserGuide that shows how to install and use the developed software + all the software packages used during the project development if any [NO Matlab license should be included]).
- The order will be based on the registration list order.
-Best wishes!
16 Apr. 23 Quiz#2 is now posted. Deadline is May 9.
15 Apr. 23 [Bonus] Mini-project-4 now posted. Deadline is May 13.
14 Apr. 4 Mini-project-3 now posted. Deadline is April 21.
13 Apr. 4 Assignment-3 is now posted. Deadline is April 18.
12 Apr. 2 A compensation lecture will be given on Thursday April 11 in the 1st slot in H6.
11 Apr. 2 A compensation lecture will be given on Thursday April 4 in the 1st slot in C2.102.
10 Mar. 14 Midterm Exam
- Midterm exam will be a comprehensive exam.
- Theoretical parts will be covered through MCQ, Complete and True/False questions
- The exam will include a problem about Tabu Search (TS) and another one about Simulated Annealing (SA).
- For these problems, you have to define a suitable representation for the problem solution (giving an example), define a suitable neighborhood operator (giving an example), define the objective function for calculating the cost/utility of the solution as well as the underlying constraints (giving an example), set algorithm parameters and perform ONE/TWO iterations of the TS/SA to show how the algorithm can be used to solve this problem.
Good luck!
9 Mar. 13 Tutorials 3, 4 & 5 and their codes are now posted.
8 Mar. 9 Quiz#1 will take place this Tuesday March 12 in the 4th slot in H11.
- Only Lectures 2 & 3 will be included in this quiz.
- No theoretical questions will be included in this quiz.
Good luck!
7 Mar. 9 Deadline of Mini-Project-1 has been extended to March 30.
6 Mar. 5 Assignment-2 is now posted. Deadline is March 14.
5 Mar. 5 Mini-Project-2 is now posted. Deadline is April 4.
4 Feb. 26 Mini-Project-1 is now posted. Deadline is March 14.
3 Feb. 26 Assignment-1 is now posted. Deadline is March 7.
Feb. 5
Lecture-0 is now posted.
Feb. 5
Welcome to an exciting new semester!