13 May 18 Final Exam:
• Material covered before the midterm (Lectures 1, 2 & 3) will be included in the final exam with weight 35%.
• Guest Lecture - Sensors for Mobile Robots [NOT INCLUDED]
• Measurement of Odometry Errors in Lecture 3 [NOT INCLUDED]
• Markov Models in Lecture 6 [NOT INCLUDED]
• No numerical problems on Depth-first and Breadth-first Search in Lecture 9
• Lecture-11: Cooperative Multi-robot Systems [NOT INCLUDED]
• All Reading Materials [NOT INCLUDED]
• Programming exercises [NOT INCLUDED]
• No formula sheets will be included in the final exam booklet. However, all hard to remember key formulas will be included in the problem statement.
• Final exam will contain 6 exercises [1. Introduction to Autonomous Systems, 2. Locomotion Systems, 3. Kinematics and Positioning, 4. Recursive State Estimation, 5. Mapping and 6. Motion Planning]
• The exam will be comprehensive exam. Questions will be in form of MCQs and TRUE/FALSE, identify, state, list, identify the class/type, give example, fill in table...
• Please try to provide very short, illustrative and correct answers. Some questions' ideal answers are only few words.
• Study all the course materials very carefully and don't count on tutorials only.
Good Luck!
12 May 9

Important: Project demos will take place at the GUC humanitarian demining arena (close to the PV station) on Thursday May 16, 2013 starting from 10:00AM.
- The order will be based on the registration list.
- Project Presentations rules are available here.
- A hard-copy of the project report must be handed-over before the presentation.
- Moreover in order to complete evaluating the project, project CD must be handed-over as well.
- This CD must contain ALL materials related to the project (complete documentation report according to the course policy mentioned above + a well documented source code and executable code with UserGuide that shows how to install and use the developed software + all the software packages used during the project development if any [NO Matlab license should be included]).
The project weight is 20% of the total course grade. The project grade will be calculated as follows: [8% Navigation and Detection + 12% Localization and Mapping]

- Additional optional 1% bonus will be given if the team prepares and submits a medium indoor color poster (Hardcopy) with dimensions approximately 80x60cm about Unmanned Vehicles Poster. Poster rules are available here.  You MUST get an approval from the course instructor BEFORE printing the poster. Otherwise, the poster will NOT be accepted.
- Best wishes!

11 Apr. 27 Quiz#2 is now posted. Deadline is May 12.
10 Apr. 11 Deadline for Assignment-3 submission has been extended to April 14.
9 Apr. 4 Assignment-3 is now posted. Deadline is April 12.
8 Mar 23 Midterm Exam
- Midterm exam will be a comprehensive exam.
- Theoretical parts will be covered through MCQ, Complete and True/False questions, etc.
- Lectures 1, 2, 3 & 5 are included in this exam. Lecture 4-Sensors for Mobile Robots is NOT included.
- Measurement of Odometry Errors in Lecture-3 is NOT included in the exam.
Good luck!
7 Mar 5 Quiz 1 will be held on Saturday March 9 on the first slot in H1 and H4. Check the location of your quiz according to your group (tutorial) number.
 H4 (96 Student)
    o T15
    o T16
    o T17
    o T18
    o T19
    o T20
 H1 (39 Student)
    o T21
    o T22

Please make sure to check your group number and attend in your specified location to avoid any conflict or grades deduction.


Mar. 3 Assignment-2 is now posted. Deadline is March 12.
5 Fe. 17 Assignment cover page is available here. Please use this A4 page with your assignments to avoid any deductions
4 Feb. 9 Advacned reading materials are now posted.


Feb. 9 Assignment-1 is now posted. Deadline is February 16.
Feb. 2
Lecture-0 is now posted.
Feb. 2
Welcome to an exciting new semester!