Robots I worked with: Merlin, TOM, B21, Magellan Pro, Atrv, Maggie, CRS, PeopleBot, Khepera, SANet

My research interests include smart mobility, autonomous and connected vehicles, cognitive IoT, algorithmic robotics, humanitarian robotics, intelligent data processing and analysis, machine learning and combinatorial optimization.

Smart mobility is a disruptive technology that aims at providing safer, greener, and more efficient mobility modes. This revolutionary technology is built on five principles, namely, safety, flexibility, efficiency, integration and clean technology. The ultimate goal of smart mobility is zero crashes, zero emission, zero congestion and zero ownership. There are several ill-structured problems in smart mobility systems and services that cannot be solved using traditional algorithms. My current research focuses on studying different challenging problems of smart mobility systsems and services such as learning from observation, adaptive planning, conext-aware coordination, smart manoeuvering, complex task allocation, group formation, multisensor management, decentralized data fusion, hard and soft data fusion, cooperative object detection and tracking, communication relaying, and self-organization.

In Connected Vehicle and HMI Advanced Technology Group at General Motors of Canada, I apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to connected and autonomous vehicles. I lead machine learning projects related to connected vehicles, HMI, active safety, prognostics and autonomous driving.

As a Senior Research Scientist at Vestec, Inc., I apply intelligent data analysis techniques in speech signal processing and recognition systems. I co-invented and have recently filed 4 US patents about speaker adaptation, noise type identification, SNR estimation and smart speech enhancement.

I founded and coordinated the GUC Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) research group. GUC RAS undertakes inter-disciplinary research in areas like intelligent automated systems, industrial automation, industrial robotics and mobile robotics.

I wrote a proposal for the establishment of University of Waterloo Center of Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (CPAMI). CPAMI has started officially in March 1, 2011 and I currently serve as an affiliated member of this center. I coordinated several focus groups in CPAMI such as Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Autonomous Systems and Real Time Distributed Design, Machine Perception and Sensors, Smart Mobility and domain adaptation group.

I wrote a number of winning research grant proposals for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Strategic Project Grant, NSERC Research Tools and Instruments and NSERC–Collaborative Research and Development Grant), Public Security Technical Program (PSTP), Microsoft, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PW&GSC), European Commission and Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) for Canada Revenue Agency (total obtained funding is $2,681,636)

"He who does not research has nothing to teach."