Bachelor Projects

As per GUC Study Regulations for the faculties of Engineering, each student enrolled in the 8th semester of studies is expected to work on preparing the Bachelor Thesis individually as part of his/her Bachelor programme. The project must provide address solving a real world problem in a pertinent area of academic, industrial or commercial importance. The goals to be achieved must be SMART goals (stands for Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time and cost related).

The following options are available:

Type A: System Design and Implementation
  •  Students identify a problem in a pertinent area of academic, industrial or commercial importance for which there are no available system with reasonable cost and capabilities. This system must contain a combination of mechanical, electronic, computer and control components integrated together in order to solve the problem at hand.
  •  Design and develop a new autonomous system to solve this problem.
  •  Analyze experimentally the performance of the developed system.
Type B: Empirical Evaluation
  •  In this type of projects, student will pick a problem that interests him/her.
  •  Student is supposed to search the literature for approaches to tackle this problem, identifies strong and weak points of each approach and selects the most appropriate appraoch.
  •  He/she must implement and experiment with the selected technique to quantitatively evaluate its performance in tackling the problem.
Type C: Algorithm Design
  •  Student identifies a problem for which there are no satisfying approaches.
  •  Develop a new technique to tackle this problem.
  •  Analyze theoretically and/or empirically the performance of his/her technique.

Porject Supervisor: Dr. Alaa Khamis
Email: alaa[dot]khamis[at]guc[dot]edu[dot]eg
Office: C3.216
Ext.: 1276
Regular Meeting: TBD