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MCTR903: Advanced Mechatronics Engineering

Design of modern day products requires knowledge of different engineering disciplines, as well as an ability to communicate and work well in multidisciplinary teams. Mechatronics is a unifying theme that permeates and comprehends modern engineering. The term mechatronics comes from the two words 'mecha' for mechanisms and 'tronics' for electronics, with the latter having the meaning that is embraced in today's concept of information engineering: electronics, automation, computer science and telecommunications. This theme adopts an interdisciplinary and integrated approach bridging the gap between classical engineering fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and information technology. The combination of these engineering principles helps generate simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile systems. Advanced Mechatronics Engineering course is designed to provide students a clear and comprehensive treatment of the various components of a mechatronics system following a multidisciplinary approach. The main topics covered in this course are System Modeling, Feedback System Performance, Dynamic Compensation of Feedback Systems, Microcontrollers, Input/Output Systems , Industrial Communication Schemes and Wireless Communications. Different in-depth case studies for mechatronic systems will be discussed and analyzed. Team-based projects are integrated as an essential part of the course. These projects help students to get hands-on experience in designing and implementing mechatronic systems and improve their competencies in communication skills, teamwork, and project management.

Course Objectives:

  • to understand the technologies behind modern mechatronic systems.
  • to provide methodological fundamentals for the development of fully automated system.
  • to teach students how to develop an automated system project focusing on the hardware and software integration, and
  • to apply the acquired knowledge for developing a mechatronic system.

Course Instructor: Dr. Alaa Khamis
Email: alaa[dot]khamis[at]guc[dot]edu[dot]eg
Office: C3.216
Office hours: Sarurdays 3rd Slot

Course TAs:
Eng. Omar Mahmoud

Email: omar[dot]mohamad[at]guc[dot]edu[dot]eg
Office: C6.104
Office hours: Sunday 3rd slot
Eng. Waleed Ashraf Abdul Hafez
Email: waleed[dot]abdulhafiz[at]guc[dot]edu[dot]eg
Office: C6.104
Office hours: Thursday 3rd sot

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- C. De Silva. Mechatronics: An Integrated Approach. CRC Press, 2005.
- W. Bolton. Mechatronics: A Multidisciplinary Approach. 4th Edition, Pearson, 2008.
Lectures will be based mainly, but not exclusively, on material in these textbooks. Lectures will not follow the same sequence as the material presented in the texts.