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CSEN904: Introduction to Robotics

Course Lecturer

Dr. Alaa Khamis

Office hours: Saturday 5th Slot

Course Description:

Robotics challenges traditional engineering disciplines because the integrated approach in the selection of means to the intended functional ends must involve, by nature, a team activity, and crossing the boundaries between conventional engineering disciplines. Unlike traditional fields, robotics is still an emerging area that combines the essential elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

This course introduces the field of robotics focusing on the practical issues of autonomous mobile robots. In order to achieve a complete and balanced view on robotics field, this course first presents the basic concepts of robotics and covers evolution and history of robotics.


The interesting filed of industrial robotics is discussed addressing the industrial robot's morphology, control systems and programming techniques and applications. The course then presents the theoretical and practical issues of autonomous mobile robots making emphasis on how to build a real robot.

The cornerstone of this course is a project in which a team of students conceive, design and develop a microrobot in order to participate in the GUC Line Following Competition. Toys can be converted into working robots. Students will be able to use Lego MindStorms starter kits available at the GUC as the basis of this robot. They can use the parts in the kits as is, or cannibalize them, modifying them in the exact or approximate shape they need.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Fundamentals of industrial robotics
  • Industrial robots' morphology, control, programming and applications
  • Introduction to mobile robotics
  • Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles
  • How to build a real robot
Recommended text books

1. P. J. McKerrow. Introduction to Robotics. Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0-201-18240-8, 1992.
2. G. McComb. The Robot Builder's Bonanza. TAB books, Division of McGrae-Hill, ISBN: 0-8306-0800-1, 1987.
3. M. Ferrari, G. Ferrari and R. Heumpel. Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms. Syngress Publishing, 2002.