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CSIS201 - Introduction To Computer Science II

Course Lecturer
Dr. Alaa Khamis
Office: B5.113
Office Hours: Sundays 12:00-14:00PM
Course Assistants
Name Office Office Hours

Mr. Ahmed El-Maadawy


Monday 1st & Wednesday 3rd

Mr. Ali El-Bahnasawy


Thursday 3rd

Course Description

CSIS201 is a course in Computer Science intended primarily for students who are not in the Engineering field. The objective of the course is to convey a simplified picture of the different fundamental concepts in Computer Science.

Topics covered in the course
  • Data Representation: How data are presented and stored in the computer
  • Number Systems: Non-positional number systems, Positional Number systems and Conversion from one number system to another.
  • Binary Arithmetic
  • Boolean Algebra, Boolean Functions, Logic gates, Logic Circuits
  • Fundamentals of computer organization: What are the main components of a computer system
  • Problem Solving and Algorithms: steps to solve a set of problems
  • Introduction to Programming using Java: convert algorithms to a form that computers can process

Recommended Textbooks
Java: An Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, 3rd Edition

Invitation to Computer Science: Java Version

G. Michael Schneider, Sara Baase, Judith L. Gersting
ISBN: 0534374883

Computer Science: 
            an Overview

Computer Science: an Overview

J. Glenn Brookshear
ISBN: 0201781301


Computer Confluence: 
            Tomorrow's Technology and You

Computer Confluence: Tomorrow's Technology and You

G. Beekman and M. Quinn
7th Ed. ISBN: 013152531X , Prentice Hall, 2005.

Online Tutorial for the course

The following is the online tutorial for the "Introduction to Computer Programming" course

Online Tutorial

After you open the page you can press File | Save As to save a local copy of the tutorial on your machine.

Note that the online tutorial is updated frequently to contain the latest material discusses in the labs