Midterm Report
Evaluation and Policy
Midterm Report

The midterm report can be prepared in a group of maximum 4 students (same group as the course project). This report consists of two components:

A: Critical Literature Survey Paper
  •  Students will pick a machine intelligence problem that interests them.
  •  The students will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of authors of a conference or a journal survey paper.
  •  They are supposed to search the literature for approaches to tackle this problem.
  •  They survey and discuss the relative strengths of each approach.
  •  Then they suggest a taxonomic classification of these approaches showing how they are related or how they can be classified based on different well-defined criteria.
  •  The paper will be 4-6 pages. Student must comply strictly with the formatting instructions using IEEE Manuscript Templates.
B: Paper Critics
  •  The students must pick a paper recently published (2013-2015) in one of the journals/transactions/magazines listed below.
  •  The students will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of a reviewer for a conference or journal.
  •  They should give constructive feedback to the authors.
  •  They will mention the good and weak aspects of the paper.
  •  For every criticism, students will make a suggestion to improve the paper.
  •  Paper Critics form must be used.

Paper Critics Sources with their 2013/2014 impact factors:
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence [Impact factor=4.795]
Artificial Intelligence [Impact factor=3.008]
IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine[Impact factor=2.706]
IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation [Impact factor=2.649]
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine [Impact factor=2.319]
Springer Machine Learning Journal [Impact factor=1.689]
International journal of robotics research [Impact factor=1.318]
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence [Impact factor=0.762 ]
Journal of field robotics [Impact factor=0.960]
The Futurist [Impact factor=0.04]